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Seven Suspects.  Six Hours.  One Killer.

You wake up.  The last thing you remember is lying in bed at home.  But you aren't home anymore.  Looking around, you quickly establish four things:  you're in a prison; your clothes are missing; your hands are tied; and you can't remember how you got here.

So begins Stonewall Penitentiary, a gritty "whodunit" mystery horror adventure game by Unimatrix Productions®, the fourth in the Storycentric Worlds series.   It features all the standard adventure game mechanics--exploration, player inventory, puzzle solving, and character interaction--and presents it in a unique format reminiscent of visual novels.

In Stonewall Penitentiary, you play the role of William Thane, a middle-aged man down on his luck.  You, along with several others, are trapped in an abandoned prison, held captive by a sociopath obsessed with justice.  Can you escape?  Success lies in your hands!

Full Game Features

  • EXPLORE an abandoned prison and uncover its dark secrets
  • INTERACT with many interesting, fully-voiced characters
  • SOLVE a multitude of challenging puzzles
  • ENJOY hundreds of original images and an hour-long soundtrack
  • DISCOVER three different endings, depending on your actions
  • UNLOCK all the achievements to view a special post-game bonus scene
  • EXPERIENCE a 10+ hour story that combines the horror of Saw and the mystery of Agatha Christie

Play the demo today!  Full version coming late 2017.

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Install instructions

Unzip the demo into a new folder, retaining its existing file structure, and run Stonewall Penitentiary.exe to play.


stonewall_penitentiary_demo.zip (179 MB)


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Gave it a go...


Thanks for playing and showcasing the demo!  I hope that you enjoy the full game when the time comes.  It gets intense! :)


I did not expect to run into such a well made game.  I love how much it draws you in to tell it's story.  I explored far more than what I have shown in this video.  The rest of the prison that you can visit seems to be more of a prelude of things to come.  I wasn't able to find any more puzzles or items, but if that isn't true I'd love to give it another shot.  I can't wait to see this when it's finished.  


Thanks, both for your kind words and for making the video!  You definitely covered everything in the video, and this is definitely, as you put it, "a prelude of things to come."  I hope you enjoy the full game upon its release! :D


I had a little feedback toward the end of my video :) I think the game's got some great potential.


Thanks for posting, and thanks for taking the time to play/stream the demo!  I'm going to check out your video and listen sincerely to all your feedback. :)


I love the art style and voice acting! Keep up the fantastic work!

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Thanks for the kind words!  I'm glad you enjoyed the demo! :)


Nice demo... I can't wait to see who'll be... sacrificed. :)


Thanks for playing/streaming the demo!  I hope you enjoy the full game! :D


What a wonderful surprise! I've been looking forward to this game for years, great job with the new engine.  It's a perfect combination of old school point 'n click adventure meets interactive fiction/visual novel  :) Can't wait for the release!


Thanks for the kind words!  I hope you enjoy the full game as much as you enjoyed the demo! :D