Official Release Date Announced!

Well, it’s certainly taken some time to get here, but I’m finally ready to announce a release date for Stonewall Penitentiary.  The game will officially release on May 14, just over a month from now!

This is an exciting time for me, and I cannot wait to share this game with you all, especially since it has been in on-and-off development since 2005.  Not only is Stonewall Penitentiary the first full-fledged adventure in the Storycentric Worlds series, but it is also presented in a unique visual style reminiscent of graphic novels.  While the game is different from the past few text-focused gamebooks, those who played those games will still recognize comment elements, making this a natural transition for the series.

The game can be found on Steam here.  Be sure to add the game to your wishlist!  Of course, if you choose to buy it here on itch, you'll still receive a complimentary Steam key.

Not long to wait now!

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