New Stonewall Penitentiary Screenshots

The Stonewall Penitentiary demo has been out for nearly two months, and I thought it well time for another update.

First, some unfortunate news:  development has been set back a month or so as a result of a family emergency.  The good news is that we're back to work again, and development itself is going well.

As those of you who have already played the demo know, there is a short survey upon its conclusion.  We've received some wonderful feedback from gamers and are making some renovations to our engine as a result.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey.  We will be closing the survey in a few weeks, so this will be your last chance to voice your thoughts on the demo.

A common question we've been hearing is whether or not the entire game takes place in the dark, as the demo portion of Stonewall Penitentiary relies on lanterns to provide light.  The answer is definitely not!  Shortly after the conclusion of the demo, players will find a way to restore power to the prison, allowing you to explore it without the use of a lantern.  So don't fear--let there be light!

And now it's time to get back to development.  But first, I thought I'd share some new screenshots of scenes we are currently working on.  Enjoy, and don't forget to sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media for the latest news!

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